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Today, I address you with a heart full of emotion and immense gratitude.

I am honored to have been given the opportunity as the President of our club of Spirited- Passionate -Loving & Caring Club Members. Doing wonderful work for over 3 decades and enjoying it too. Unwavering Commitment and Dedication that is underscored by contagious zest , camaraderie and compassion. . You are the backbone, the driving force, and the beating heart that propels our mission forward. Your passion and tireless efforts have made a significant impact on the lives of countless individuals. I laud you for all the stellar work,the inspiring projects,the ambitious yet achieved projects.


There is one  person that I would like to mention. This wonderful lady helped me embark on this fulfilling journey, at a time when I was seeking a new purpose for my life-after decades of relentless corporate life. RtnAruna Advani-you gently cajoled me to join Rotary and the all-embracing Rotary Club of Khadki. A big Hug and Thank you dear.

In the last 4 years, of which 2 were pandemic struck, I have been blessed to have worked along with many of you dear friends to alleviate the distress and challenges faced by many. But beyond the tangible outcomes and achievements, it is the intangible impact that truly has moved me. The smiles on the faces of those we have helped, the gratitude in their eyes, and the hope we have instilled in their hearts, are immeasurable.

We are a family—a family bound by a shared purpose, united in our belief that a better world is within our reach.

We will continue to direct our energies in improving the quality of life and kindle hope of dignity and opportunity in life of the needy, the marginalised communities and the physically challenged.

The 3 broad Drivers of Focus this year.

SKILL DEVELOPMENT & OPPORTUNITIES: This vision drives us to configure programmes and initiatives that will equip the youth with the skills and knowledge for employment and explore new areas of professional opportunities. Equipping them with the soft skills & emotional robustness to present their confident self.

HEALTH & ABILITY: Projects that will give the physically challenged and differently abled the supportive institutions, like the Autism Centre ,equipment and props that will help them overcome the inadequacies and integrate them into mainstream society.

Intervention support to give a new life hope through pediatric cardiac surgeries-a district programme adopted by our club.

WOMEN: Women Health Wellbeing and building Capability will be a zealous driver for the year. Empowering them with the knowledge required to improve their life and of their family.

We will work towards building awareness and initiating behaviour change for a healthier life among women and young girls. This will be done through various routes like education programmes and interventions.

We will work towards Enabling and Empowering Women- to build high employability skills in new business areas-services and healthcare.


It looks like a lot of good work not only for the year but to continue year after year,as change is slow but definite when there is an obsessive purposeful drive.

Endevour would be to ensure these initiatives are SUSTAINABLE and encourage  Self Reliance .


The priceless support of our generous collaborators- who have placed their belief in us-


Our own philanthropists -your generosity and compassion is priceless…

Your unwavering support is what makes our vision a reality.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey .We Feel so reassured and confident.


Imagine all the people

Sharing all the world

You may say I'm a dreamer

But I'm not the only one

Each one of us who is here…is a dreamer of such a world.

Slowly and steadily we are getting there and we will get there!

We cruise on, touching and impacting many more lives.

AND…having loads of fun -merriment and celebrations along this wonderful and delightful voyage together.

Thank you all for this honour and opportunity






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